Welcome to the official site of 5th State Buffet Restaurant

Welcome to the official site of 5th State Buffet Restaurant

We are your friendly neighborhood hangout place. Now serving you from 6 AM – 11 PM every day including Sundays and Holidays!

Unlimited Food and Drinks at an Affordable Price

Now, it is easier to satisfy a hungry stomach. No matter how big your appetite is, we got you covered here at 5th State Buffet Restaurant. We do not believe in putting limits when it comes to food. You come over hungry; you’ll definitely go out of our door satisfied. This is our promise to you.

What makes us unique from other restaurants is that we have a lot of food variety to choose from. It’s like an everyday feast with every nation joining in. Enjoy the rich flavor of Asian Cuisine, the delicious taste of French dishes, the appetizing Italian sauces, and much more at an extremely affordable cost only here at 5th State Buffet Restaurant.

A Restaurant for Everyone

Food is not only what is great at 5th State Buffet Restaurant, their restaurant as a whole speaks class and relaxation. Just by settling down on their comfortable couches alone would give you the homey feel. Add that to their hospitable hosts, you’d want to keep coming back for more.

This is a place not just for you, but for the whole family as well. You can bring the whole family with you any time of the week. We have divided our restaurant to have that child-friendly corner for your kids. So whether you are out for a friends night out or a family bonding time, this is just the perfect place for you. We even have food choices made just for your kids, and high chairs to make them more comfortable as they eat.

In our family dining area, you can have the assurance that your kids will behave. We have television screens mounted around the place for their entertainment. They can watch their favorite kiddie shows that would surely keep them happy and on their toes. For friends’ night out, the other division of the restaurant shows different sports channels. You will enjoy too as you cheer for your winning team over a sumptuous meal.

Since this restaurant is for people of all ages, nothing will keep you from driving out of your garage door in Wisconsin to our humble place.

Signature Draft Beer

Have you had your beer today? Might as well try what we have to offer at 5th State Buffet Restaurant. This is another one of our products that people have been going back to since its opening in 1988.

Our beers here are unique, as they are produced using only the finest ingredients. They are handcrafted and come in many flavors too. We have them on tap, and recently due to the insistent public demand, we have decided to sell it in bottles as well to preserve the flavor and for export purposes. Best with our in-house chef-special buffalo wings.

Check out our stores today to see other special dishes available for you.

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