5th State Buffet Restaurant was established to cater to the needs of people from Milwaukee, WI. It was established in 1988 by the family of Roger Estanislao and since then, it has been one of the most sought-after family restaurants in the area. This is not your typical restaurant because you are definitely leaving this place with a full stomach and a happy heart.

It was Roger who veered away from the initial idea of his father to make this restaurant a luxurious and a fine-dining one. He is a strong believer that food should be affordable for everyone and should not be limited to the affluent alone. He always despises going to any restaurant and the food will come short when it comes to the quantity and quality. He used to say that every dish should be a product of love from the chef and should always be delicious and overflowing. He believes that success comes when your market is not only the chosen few, and he has proven over the years that building on such ideas will catapult him to success.

The above-mentioned ideology resulted now in what we have today as the 5th State Buffet Restaurant. One thing very noticeable upon entrance is the bountiful food lay before you like a feast. There are simply many food choices available that would satisfy your hunger for dishes around the world. This restaurant does not only serve the main event but extends to the dessert as well. Add the handcrafted, flavored beers on tap and on bottles which he also developed in the 90’s then this restaurant is the epitome of perfection for you. When you come here, we guarantee that this will be your second home.

Try it to believe it. We also accept reservations and event managing for all occasions.

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